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Sabah’a Teşekkürler

Saturday, May 17th, 2008

I am really happy and honored to report that Vampire Weekend and I are featured in a joint profile in today’s issue of Sabah (Morning): the Istanbul publication recently determined by a Nielsen survey to be Turkey’s “most recognized newspaper brand.” (The most recognized brands overall were Arçelik, manufacturer of “wardrobe-style refrigerators” and other appliances; Badem Krakerand Ülker, manufacturer of Cola Turka, and also of something called Badem Kraker (Almond Crackers), which as a child I used to feed to the swans in Ankara’s Swan Park. The thing that made a big impression on me at the time is that the almond crackers didn’t actually contain any almonds at all—rather, they were shaped like almonds. This was my first introduction to metaphor versus metonymy.


Du hast ein Buch geschrieben!

Wednesday, March 12th, 2008

I finally got sick of feeling guilty for not knowing German. So, for the past month, I have been studying this language over the internet. I’m using the Rosetta Stone program, ironically named because it uses no translations at all, just a large collection of stock photos, which you have to match up with phrases.

Erwachsene liest

Jogi liest

I particularly enjoyed the lesson on “can” and “cannot”:

Ein Hund kann nicht Auto fahren

Please note the facial expression of the non-driving dog, which I intend to emulate for the duration of my German travels.

In the lesson on present perfect, there is this very encouraging illustration of the sentence, “You have written a book!”:

Du hast ein Buch geschrieben!

Evidently, the production of this book comes as a complete surprise to its author. No doubt this happens quite frequently in Germany: you spend a year or two writing emails, doing laundry, grading papers, etc.; and then, when you least expect it…

Du hast ein Buch geschrieben!