Loyal readers! I have been greatly moved by the outpourings of support for my blog, and of execration for Twitter. I feel like a tiny bit like Arthur Conan Doyle after he killed off Sherlock Holmes.

“I have been much blamed for doing [Holmes] to death,” Conan Doyle said… “but I hold that it was not murder, but justifiable homicide in self-defense, since, if I had not killed him, he would certainly have killed me.”


So listen, friends: what can ever be called permanent in this world of perpetual flux? Just as Sherlock Holmes came back from the dead, so too may my blog someday. Sadly I do have to check out for the present, but I promise to resume posting just as soon, and as regularly or irregularly, as circumstances permit.

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5 Responses to “THE FINAL PROBLEM”

  1. michael rosemann Says:

    Dear Elif, You might have grossly underestimated the dissatisfaction of many followers of your blog with the planed shift to twitter: If Facebook would have ever considered to include a “Hate” button, the opinion poll after your Notable Holdout announcement would have been disastrous.

  2. minderbender Says:

    Your blog = the living corpse.

  3. SW Foska Says:

    Blimey, took my eye off this blog for a month or so and now flabberghasted to read that its fate has been sealed. I’m in two minds, as obviously I think it’s a great institution, but also have to confess personally that I’ve always been far too lazy even to begin writing a blog and can never figure out how people find the time, so have to look, with whatever reluctance, understandingly on any economizing measures. In any case, since I don’t Tweet (yet), will have to catch up later. It’s been fun, SWF.

  4. Leee Says:

    Having just discovered your blog (after in turn having just decided that you’re among my favorite NYer contributors), I imagine without the slightest hyperbole that this turn of events is what Moses experienced upon witnessing the Promised Land.

    Incidentally, I’m glad you’ve given over the idea of moving your online presence to Twitter, which I would’ve had to have boycotted (not because I have any particular animus towards microblogging, but because it’s blocked at work). And, from one erstwhile blogger to another, blogging under duress is horribly inefficient, only blog when the Muses grace you.

    All the same, I will leave my internet door open and a seat available for you.

  5. Mike Lindgren Says:

    Dear Ms. Batuman:

    Luminescence of your order cannot be confined to 140 characters. Tally ho! /ml

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