Thrifty readers! I’m really happy to report that two of the Turkey-related stories I wrote for the New Yorker are now available for free! Click here to read about Neolithic man, here for restaurant criticism, and here to buy this man a sandwich:


“Information must belong to the people!”

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  1. Turku Says:

    Thrilled to hear it! Although I have electronic access to the New Yorker through my institution (educational not mental), their website is super frustrating to use (think mental not educational). I had to filch my neighbor’s copy (in fairness, he did leave it splayed on the elliptical machine) to excerpt Neolithic Man for my undergrads – it makes for a great companion to Rousseau’s Discourse on Inequality!

  2. liam Says:

    congratulations. i love the way you write.

  3. Chris Says:

    Love your writing, I do. But I think the phrase is “Information wants to be free.” I used to think that was Richard Stallman but Wikipedia, arbiter of all facts, says it was Stewart Brand.

  4. Dave Lull Says:

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  7. Dave Lull Says:

    The New Yorker
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  8. Dave Lull Says:

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