Youthful readers! I am proud to announce that today I finally broke into the Istanbul high-school circuit, with a reading/ workshop at the British International School—many thanks to Russell Gunnell and loyal super-reader Ebru Kesen for making it happen!

Here is what I learned about the British International students of Istanbul: they are really astute judges of human character. In the Q/A, right between “What’s harder, fiction or nonfiction?” and “Do you ever have writer’s block?”, one young person proved that she had me all figured out by asking, “Do you have a cat?” When I asked how she was able to tell, she tactfully replied: “I know that cats sometimes help people write books.”

Indeed, although my hardworking intern Friday has spent the last year in San Francisco, he continues to do an amazing job helping me with all kinds of book-related work. A big thanks to him and his current guardian – none of the magic could happen without you!

Some pictures from today:


A wide range of human emotions



My readers are the cutest

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3 Responses to “OUR BRIGHT FUTURE”

  1. William Bradley Says:

    Dear Elif,

    Thank you for coming and talking with our students. Visits like yours live long in the memory of our students and they make a difference to the quality of the education we provide. I am sorry that I did not find time to meet you for a chat yesterday, but I did know you were in the school and I do appreciate that you joined us. I hope we will see you again at some future date.

    William Bradley
    Director of Secondary

  2. ebru Says:

    it was a wonderful day with you, Elif and the kids were so impressed just like us!
    thank you very much for the beautiful time we had.
    much love!

  3. Sean Carman Says:

    “I know that cats sometimes help people write books.” — In terms of literary production, these students are wise beyond their years!

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