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Intuitive readers!  As promised I am writing to share with you some spooky reader dreams.  The first comes from the charming Yelin Bilgin of Istanbul, who started reading The Possessed during a recent heat wave and fell asleep during “Babel in California”:

i had a dream and i was donating a dream for a dream researcher. i was speaking english and i felt like one of the people in your book, as though they were not real people but your characters. i hope i could explain it well Smile then 5 minutes ago i woke up with a strange feeling, covered in sweat. the strange thing is that i was donating the dream that i was having while asleep in real life. so it feels like the donation part was not a dream!!!

Guess what?  The donation part wasn’t a dream, because she really did donate the dream – to me!  And now I’m sharing it with you!  Whaa!

Did any terrifying visitations ever come to you while you were dozing over my work?  Hit me up!

They were like characters in your book”

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  1. Visda Says:

    I read “The Possessed” recenlty. While the details of the book is still fresh in my mind, I wanted to take time to write to you, to let you know I enjoyed reading it! I learned about the literature and culture of countries close to where I was born and raised. Although, I no longer live there, and the details need a brush up, but I am sure that Shirin, in the love story of Shirin and Farhad, is a Persian Princess, (and not Armenian). The monuments, Qasr-e-Shirin and Farhad Tarash, located in Province of Kermanshah in Iran can attest to where the heros of this love story myth were from. Thanks.

  2. Kara Says:

    I read the Harper’s piece on the beach and was a huge pain in the ass for my girlfriend because I didn’t “feel like” swimming or walking or chatting until I was done. Speaking of dreams, I was intrigued by this buried Tolstoy reference, but didn’t fully understand it:

    “I love this passage…mostly because of Ugolino’s summary of the scene in the tower the next morning: “Each of us was troubled by his dream.” It’s possible to glimpse in that sentence Tolstoy’s whole description of family life.”

    How? Give me more! Wish I was still on the beach. Thank you for writing.

  3. Elif Says:

    Dear Visda, thanks for your note! I am definitely no Persian literature expert, but all the sources I consulted say that Shirin was the daughter of Armenian royalty (e.g. here and here). I think Armenia at that time was in the Sassanid Empire – maybe that explains the discrepancy.

    Dear Kara, I’m happy you found it engaging! The image of a silent family at breakfast, each troubled by his dream, reminded me of Tolstoy’s depiction of family, e.g. in Anna Karenina, as a collection of people whose bonds are threatened by diverging fantasies/ dreams. I was thinking of Anna’s and Vronsky’s dream, which troubles them simultaneously but somehow separately, and also of Oblonsky’s dream about singing decanters, which represents his alienation from his household.

  4. laura Says:

    I dreamt that my boyfriend was Anna Ioannovna’s sex slave.

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