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Did you think I had forgotten about the living writers?  I hadn’t!  This one goes out to the living writers, and their fathers!

First a shout-out for Ms. Mohamed’s debut novel, Black Mamba Boy, based on the larger-than-life life story (larger-than life story?) of her father, starting in 1930s Yemen and ending 1000 miles later…  I had the good fortune to hear Mohamed talk about Black Mamba at a really fantastic panel on fathers and daughters at last year’s Brisbane Writers’ Festival (held on (Australian) Father’s Day). All the participants were great but I was especially moved by the very amazing Soviet revisionist historian Sheila Fitzpatrick who read from her revisionist history of her father.

Apropos of amazing books about Australian fathers, another 5-star Amazon review is up here; and, apropos of amazing books about non-Australian fathers, I haven’t read Hisham Matar’s latest yet, but In the Country of Men was excellent, and I bet this one is too.

I leave you with some images of my highly valued youngest reader, Lars, whose father is the excellent living writer (and translator) Damion Searls (“Samarkand rug,” and I quote, “for extra Batumania”).  Even babies love it!

lars 060

lars 059

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4 Responses to “FATHERS DAY”

  1. Mike Lindgren Says:

    Dear Ms. Batuman: I apologize for going off-topic here — those are some lovely photos, and I am impressed with the bio-chrono-diversity of your readership — but I heard, somewhere, a very disturbing rumor that you had murdered American novelist Jim Harrison’s dog? Please tell me that this is not true.

    A concerned reader, ML

  2. Dave Lull Says:

    See “Lady with lapdog” for the awful story:

  3. Stella Says:

    Dear Ms. Batuman!

    How I cherish your blog and thoughts. But what of your life? Are you still in Turkey? What next?

    Your curious reader,

  4. Elif Says:

    Dear Stella! Thank you for your kind interest! I answered a little bit in the next post… warmly, Elif

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