Last year, I enrolled this site in the Amazon Associates program.  This means I get a 4% kickback on any purchase that anyone ever makes on Amazon after following a link from my blog.  E.g. if, after toying with the idea of buying my book, you realize that what you really wanted was a hand-signed item of Packers Patriots memorabilia, that’s still like 3 oz. of tartar-fighting dental snacks for my intern right there!1

Having received my January 2011 earnings report, I wanted to take a moment to thank those of you who, over the past month, found occasion to take care of any small shopping needs through these pages.  Your support is greatly appreciated! I’d also like to both thank and wish a speedy recovery to the nameless reader who, having entered Amazon from one of my links, proceeded to purchase a set of lightweight aluminum crutches.

Lumex 3611lf-8 Universal Aluminum Lightweight Adult Tall Crutches

  1. The Amazon report does not, of course, identify the purchasers – just whatever they bought.

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3 Responses to “THANKS, AND GET WELL SOON!”

  1. mikeym Says:

    patriots love, not packers


  2. SW Foska Says:

    Particularly intrigued by the idea of a set of 3 crutches. But presumably, as one who takes koalas, fellating hedgeehogs and anatomically impossible cows in your unimpeded quotidian stride, you’re less fazed by this than me.

  3. Libbie+ Says:

    You were right the 1st time — it’s those Cheeseheads, the Packers, but
    more importantly the Steelers. Can one buy a Terrible Towel through
    Amazon? That would be a great way to aid the dental health of your
    intern. Any thoughts on Egypt? Or Egyptian literature? And I am starting
    a grassroots NM movement to get you to visit and speak in The Land of
    Enchantment… L in ABQ

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